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Mediumship Classes

Ready to connect with your spirit guides? Spiritism and Mediumship is the ancient practice and study of working with spirits. Imagine having the power to speak with spirits of the past who could gift you with ancient wisdom and spirits of the future who could impart knowledge unto you that has yet to be revealed to anyone else! Learning how to effectively work with your spirit guides and ancestors can improve your life immensely! 

In this Spiritism and Mediumship class you will learn:


  • Spiritualism: The sacred art and science of communing with spirits

  • How to identify your spirit guide

  • The different type of spirits (Saints, Lwa, Orisha, Fairies, Demons, Ancestors, etc)

  • How to venerate Ancestors

  • Necromancy: working with the dead

  • How spirits communicate with us

  • How we communicate with spirits

  • How to feed spirits and give offerings

  • How to differentiate between a benevolent and evil spirit

  • Practical methods to make contact with spirits

  • The Difference between Invocation and Evocation

  • Practical safety measures and precautions 

  • How to Banish a Spirit

  • And more!

Moon Magick 101

The Moon is a powerful heavenly body that has immense magical power! It's no wonder why countless ancient civilizations worshiped this lunar energy! In this Moon Magick 101 course, we will be focusing on The ancient magickal mystery system of the Moon that has been forgotten and erased from history. In this course the student will learn:


  • The magickal secrets of the moon

  • How to work with lunar deities and spirits

  • What the different phases of the moon actually mean

  • What your moon sign says about your magick (Natal Chart)

  • How the moon effects you both physically and metaphysically 

  • How to harness the lunar energy to empower your spells for love, healing, money, success, banishing, curses, and more!

Dragon Magick 101

Dragon Magick is one of the most powerful and ancient forms of magick one can delve into! Stories and legends of Dragons go back thousands of years! Our ancestors were in harmony with dragons and in exchange the dragons shared wisdom, guidance, power, and protection to those select few who were loyal to their clan. Today, dragon magick is a forgotten practice, which makes it even more potent, mostly because this vast reservoir of energy is not being tapped into making the ability to channel and connect to the dragon world more feasible! In this Dragon Magick 101 class you will learn:


Why working with dragons are essential to your spiritual growth

The Different type of dragons and the powers they possess

  • How to enter the realm of dragons

  • How to connect with your dragon clan

  • How to invoke the power of the dragon

  • Rituals and spells using dragon power

  • How to build a dragon altar 

  • How to charm an amulet with dragon energy

  • Methods to increase your spiritual power using Dragons 

  • Ways to protect your home using dragons

  • The common mistakes to avoid when working with dragons

  • Deities and spirits synchronized with dragons

  • And more!  

Protection & Defensive Magick Class

Learning protection and defensive magick is required if one wants to delve deeper into the occult sciences and arts! 


Who should take this class: 

  • Beginner and adept practitioners 

  • Empaths & Energy Workers 

  • Healers

  • Psychics/Oracles

  • Victims of spiritual attack

  • Anyone who wishes to learn how to protect themselves and their loved ones.


What you will learn in this class:

  • The Importance of spiritual protection and defensive magick

  • How to identify signs of magickal attacks

  • How magick affects the chakras (Auric body)

  • The 3 stages of spiritual attack

  • Deciphering Omens and Warnings

  • How to remove a curse/jinx

  • How to send back a curse to your enemies

  • Powerful protection amulets, talismans, and charms

  • How To Invoke Spirits for Protection

  • Practical Rituals for protection, cleansing, and reversal

  • And more!

Candle Magick is an ancient science and art that has been practiced since antiquity. Utilizing the sacred power of candle magick can empower your life mentally, emotionally, physically, and spiritually. Tired of getting hit or miss results from your candle magick? Chances are you are not taking the necessary steps to bring you real practical results! No more fake watered down magick taught in books and online platforms! In THIS candle magick class you will learn:


  • The Sacred Art and Science of Candle Magick

  • The colors and their meanings

  • How to properly cleanse a candle

  • How to activate a candle 

  • The different types of candles and their uses in magick

  • How to interpret the language of candles

  • How to dress, load, and prepare candles

  • Candle magick for love, money, healing, blessings, and more!

  • How to bless candles to invoke Deities/Ancestors

  • The reason why your candle magick isn't working

  • Taboos and warnings regarding candle magick

  • And more!

Candle Magick Class


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